Humans, shapes and space

The Warehouse - Benugo Whitechapel
33 Commercial Road, London, E11LD.

7th of May at 8pm

Screening of the short film HEIS at 9pm
DJ Mab ´ish playing throughout the event



Anaïs Volpé

« Where are we coming from? Where are we going? Do we remember the last time our mom carried us? Nostalgia of a period we will never know. Kids from the 90’s, adults of the 2010’s. Kids’ memories against minimum wage or the opposite, I don’t know anymore. The fear of rising terrorist attacks in the world. The fear to be the first generation who won’t be able to help their own children. Listen to news loop. Youth, Parents. Family, Guilt. Listen to the mother’s voice. The duty to stay with her or the right to leave and free ourself from her? Patch things up and try be one. Past, present, future. Uncertain youth wishing to have a future. »



Amelia Martyn

The “veil” series explores the portraits from found images, mostly taken from old National Geographic issues. Adjusting, mixing and altering the face’s of the people within the imagery is my way of hiding the people’s identity and a way of giving old images new context, meaning and a narrative.



Agata Wolanska

Wanderlust is a photo series about the irresistible impulse to travel and the urge for self-development by experiencing the unknown.

Anaïs Volpé (born 1988) is a filmmaker, a visual artist, an actress. She likes mixing arts and exploring new way of narrations. In 2013, she directs her first short movie "Blast" (20'/ Lucy in the sky production).The movie wins the "Jury's Price" in the International Festival of Young Talents France/China. She is invited by the French Embassy of China and wins a grant from the French Cultural Institute of Beijing in order to begin to shoot her first Transmedia project HEIS in China. In 2016, HEIS is now finished and this is in the same time a feature film, a series and an art-installation.

Amelia Martyn (born 1990, UK) graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2012. Since she has been working to establish herself as a professional Set Designer within London. Her most recent projects have been within the realms of editorial fashion and still life product shots. Amelia’s move into Set Design was inspired by her obsession with form, structure and environments. Creating a narrative, mood or vibe for a shoot is when she is at her happiest and for now that is the direction she’s heading.

Agata Wolanska (born in 1987) is a fashion and lifestyle photographer currently based in London. After moving from Germany to Paris, she studied photography at Ecole EFET in Paris where she worked in fashion for the past 4 years. Her passions also extend to travel and lifestyle photography to document city streets and day life situations.

DJ Mab ´ish (BEAT X CHANGERS) sound digger

The Warehouse is located behind the Benugo cafe at Hult International Business School. Come and have a delicious wood-fired pizza carefully handmade by our very talented pizza chefs. Choose from a wide range of fine craft beer and enjoy movise and matches from your table or on one of the comfy sofas. The projector plays on the back wall so that you are guaranteed a great view.